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Illcat & Maciej Polak

Bartek Bojarczuk “Illcat”


Designer of illustrations for clothing and product design. Until recently, associated with the Łódź-based brand Pan tu nie stał. Despite his young age, he collaborated with leading alternative youth apparel companies in Poland, he created musical concepts for EMI Music Poland and Pomaton (now Warner Music), he designed an original sports collection for Nobile Kiteboarding and supported the Polish Humanitarian Action (PAH). He helped develop the digital department of Pernod Ricard Polska by co-creating digital media campaigns for Wyborowa, Absolut, Jameson Whiskey and Chivas Regal.

Took part in many collective and solo exhibitions. Represented Poland in galleries in New York and Reykjavík (Iceland), thanks to the support of the Adam Mickiewicz Institute / He presented typographic works in Paris (Frichez nous la paix), at the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw and during the Łódź Design Festival.

: Your mural done for PURO is impressive. Which aspect of creating a mural is key to having the final result represent the project?


A: It’s most probable that if you asked this question to a group of artists, the answer would be different each time. Maciek and I prepared a rather precise sketch, which largely reflected the character of the mural that we wanted to achieve. The first step is transferring the sketch to the wall and, in a sense, this action alone determines the shape of the whole illustration — our mural has an open composition so there isn’t much room for error, since it cannot be improved later without changing the shape of the project. However, it is an artistic project where we have creative freedom and we don’t have to stick rigidly to the first concept. It is more of a pointer to where the elements are supposed to be. For me personally, the most crucial moment is more or less in the middle of work. The mural is already taking shape and character, you can slowly see that what you want to achieve is coming to life, and this motivates you to work. All the stressful factors pass and I know that it will be a great project.


Maciej Polak

A designer and illustrator from Blachownia near Częstochowa, living and creating in Łódź for the last six years. He began his relationship with art while learning at the Arts School in Częstochowa. Through painting classes and contact with the world of graffiti, he became very keen on drawing letters and characters, which later turned into design and illustration. He started searching for his unique style after he beganhis studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź.

Through his entire creative journey he, undoubtedly, finds the greatest inspiration in street art, comic books and the work of artists associated with skateboards. Circulating between art and design, he tries to combine these two areas in his works. Over the past few years, it has resulted in many collaborations with large brands and led to the creation of murals in many cities, including Łódź, Warsaw and Krakow.

: What kind of mural should greet every- one visiting Łódź? Where should it stand?

A: Łódź is a city full of murals, very often from the best artists in the field. I wouldn’t bet on one mural to be a show- case of the city, better to take a walk through the streets and discover works of artist from around the world. It would be great if there was a place for murals by locals as well ;)


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