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Collage workshop (1)

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Sunday, August 11

12:30pm - 3:30pm

Collage workshops with Fem.Stories Collages are a unique opportunity to delve into the world of herstory. During the meeting, we will transform stories that have been printed, read, used and forgotten into our own - current ones. Each participant will have the opportunity to show important personal moments through collage, or construct their emotional portrait. We will put together new narratives from old scraps, or in short: we will use what is at hand to create something completely new.

The collage workshops will be led by Anka Kaznodziej, a visual artist, creator of the Fem Stories Collage brand. Through her works, she tells herstories. She creates both digitally and analogue using paints, archival materials, dried flowers.
Anka is a graduate of the Wł. Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts, the University of Lodz and the Academy of Humanities and Economics. When she is not creating, she teaches students at one of the Warsaw universities or leads FRIS® sessions.

The workshops are intended for everyone, regardless of the level and knowledge of collage art.

Free for PURO guests. Limited spaces available.

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