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Dawid Ryski

Illustrator, graphic designer, and musician. Born in 1982, lives and works in Puławy. Ryski designs posters for concerts and album covers, as well as illustrations for the press. He is the drummer of The Feral Trees and Hidden World. His illustrations may be found in many interna- tional magazines (Amercian Lawyer Magazine, The Washington Post, New York Observer). He has worked for the Łódź Design Festival, Watch Docs Festival (Warsaw), Levis, Apple and Goethe Institut. Designing posters is his favourite thing. He has created some for such bands as Franz Ferdinand, Editors, LCD Soundsystem and many more.

Q: What connects Puławy, in which you live, with Cracow’s Kazimierz ?

A: Looking at my own backyard and current times, when mostly everything is announced via social media, I think that each city needs outdoor posters.

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