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PURO Hotels


Architect, designer, street artist, graduate of Architecture and Urbanism program in Krakow. Has been involved with street art since the mid 90’s. In 2003, began to devote time between painting and freelancing in interior design. Created Artde7 Studio in 2006, with a focus on interior and graphic design, along with scenography. Creativity stems toward isometric graphics as extant of public and functional spaces. Interior spatiality is described as a blend of objects within space, while painting by perspective and axonometry using aerosol as a main medium. The combination of these two approaches allows a fresh take on the design of arrangement and creativity of an interior space. As his own style evolves, the goal is to always strive forward in an effort to connect painting with architecture.


Q: How can you move a piece of the street into a cozy interior?

AFirst of all, an interior has to be cozy and in PURO’s case this has been achieved in every possible detail. The concrete wall is a sort of transposition, a link between the exclusive hotel interiors and the urban art tissue. An artist asks what was first – the WALL or the HOTEL?


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