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Wojtek Moskwa

Born in Ełk in 1976. Photographing since 1991. Besides wandering through fields and forests with a medium film camera since 2005, he tries to be quite normal. He has a wife, son and daughter, lives in Warsaw.

Most of his works happen on the road. The fruit of his trip to Nepal in 2012 is the exhibition “Samsāra”, shown at the Bank of Poland in Warsaw on January 20th 2013. Currently it’s travelling around Poland. While still on the subject of saṃsāra, he is preparing an exhibition of works created in Poland since 2006. Even though there hasn’t been an official opening, pieces from this series have already been awarded by Pilzner Urquell International Photography Awards 2008 and Grand Prix Fotofestival 2015. “Memento of a Meeting” has been chosen for the IPA BEST OF SHOW exhibit in New York, curated by W. M. Hunt from Hasted Hunty NYC.

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