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Dawid Czycz

Born in 1986 in Krakow. Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow (2011). Lives and works in Krakow. First appeared at Zderzak in a collective exhibition “Science & Fiction” (2009). After that, he had two solo exhibitions in Zderzak: “O wadach” (2010) and “Ciala stale” (2011). He mainly deals with painting, objects and video. One of the “New Surrealists”; a peculiar attribute of his style is the artitst`s fondness of the little crea- tures: insects, diurnal and nocturnal.


Q: You were once included into a group of painters tired of reality. Are you tired of the cracovian reality or on the contrary?

A: I am a Krakus* since birth and love it. I don’t feel tired of the cracovian ambience, but sometimes I feel unsatisfied in certain fields. I think that those tired of reality took a rest and are beginning with new energy.

* (informal) Inhabitant of Cracow.

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