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Beata Śliwińska “Barrakuz”

1988. A landscape architect, graphic designer and illustrator, with passion for and profession as a set designer. Works and lives in Warsaw. She is a fan of collage and this technique dominates her work style. Barrakuz deals with the graphic post-production of editorial and fashion photoshoots, smuggling in collage in her work style. The most common technique she uses is digital collage, based on analogues and creating handwritten images. What she tries to pay attention to in her designs are the uncompromising forms and shapes, as well as playful deconstruction and linking meanings with aesthetic contrasts. The style which she represents is working on layers and textures of different images.

Q: What would you cut out of Cracow and what would you paste in?

AThere are many things that I like about Cracow and I wouldn’t change anything about them! However, the smog is something that I would gladly get rid of. Cracow breathes too heavy air. I would paste in more greenery and space in the city center. And I would make origami out of the Wawel Dragon – he deserves a makeover.

* reference to collage techniques

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