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Alicja Patanowska

Alicja Patanowska completed her studies at the Department of Ceramics and Glass at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, a Mecca for ceramic artists in Poland. She was awarded a grant to study at the Instituto Superiore per le Industrie Ar- tistiche in Faenza, Italy; she claims that the year she spent there helped her define her own approach to design. And it was in Faenza that she designed CUBI – an alternative to the flat plate, which went on to win distinction at the Made in Macef competition in Milan in 2009.


Q: What does creativity consist of?

A: The ingredients of creativity: flour, two eggs, curiosity, some courage, persistence or patience (can be used interchangeably), perspective. Flour, two eggs – basics of the workshop, theory Curiosity – a trait needed to observe a new problem, the motor of action. Courage – a feature useful at time of recourse Persistence or patience – a trait necessary for a solid dissection, Perspective – a feature that facilitates everything.

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