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Step off the treadmill for a moment of ‘me-time’, maybe a 25-minute ‘Flash’ facial or comforting foot massage, just part of your relaxed modern lifestyle. Or if you're looking for something even more luxurious, settle in with our friendly, skillful staff for a sumptuous treat that will give you (back) your glow, whether it's a firming peel, scrumptious body wrap or mood-enhancing aromatherapy massage. All our 'potions and lotions' are by Alba1913, Poland’s most historic and esteemed producers of health and beauty products.

And it's not just about treatments - with PRISMA you're sorted for all kinds of wellness fun. You can thrill with an invigorating and culturally rich jogging tour through the city's most intriguing neighborhoods, or chill with a family-friendly yoga session.

Reserve online

Starting in July, reserve a visit at the PRISMA spa online. Check out what’s in store for you at

Oriental Prisma

Shiatsu, Lomi Lomi, Thai aromatherapy massage, aromatic stone massage or Ayurvedic head massage? Would you like to try a massage from other part of the world. Ask what’s in our offer today.

  1. Oriental Prisma

    80 min - 349 PLN