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City Guide

History and culture collide with the city’s most popular restaurant and nightlife scene, right in the heart of Wrocław. Explore rich cultural heritage and vibrant everyday living through the hidden corners of the Four Denominations District.

  • PURO Hotel Wroclaw Hint 008 (1)
    Eat & Drink

    @ Wrocław

    Hint serves contemporary cuisine inspired by street food. A stylish bistro where you will try classic dishes in new scenes accompanied with perfect seasonal cocktails. Serving breakfast through to dinner seven days a week, with room service available too.

    Włodkowica 6

  • PURO CityGuide Wrocław New Horizons Cinema

    New Horizons Cinema

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    The biggest Polish multiplex which presents artistic and classic works, as well as valuable mainstream productions. Waiting for a film? Take a board game!

    Kazimierza Wielkiego 19a-21
    (+48) 532 726 581

  • PURO CityGuide Wrocław BWA Wrocław

    BWA Wrocław

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    BWA Wrocław Główny, SiC!, Dizajn, Studio - four galleries featuring contemporary art. Piłsudskiego 105 Pl. Kościuszki 9/10 Świdnicka 2-4 Ruska 46, seg. A, lok. 301 (III piętro)

    Ruska 46a/301
    +48 539 218 444

  • PURO CityGuide Wrocław Ossolineum


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    A baroque library building surrounding a courtyard with a beautiful garden. Perfect for a walk.

    Szewska 37
    (+48) 71 344 44 71

  • PURO CityGuide Wrocław KRVN
    Eat & Drink


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    A must-visit place for lovers of burgers, cocktails and eccentric decor.

    Świętego Antoniego 40
    (+48) 575 791 757

  • PURO CityGuide Wrocław Bernard
    Eat & Drink


    Open map

    Here the traditional meets the modern. Taste the experimental versions of the Czech, Lower Silesian or European cuisine and drink the home beer Bernard.

    Rynek 35
    (+48) 508 054 037

  • PURO CityGuide Wrocław Dinette
    Eat & Drink


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    The interior resembles Hopper’s paintings. A great place for lunch with bread baked on site.

    pl. Teatralny 8
    (+48) 534 207 534

  • PURO CityGuide Wrocław Concept Stu Mostów
    Eat & Drink

    Concept Stu Mostów

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    Fresh bread, sandwiches, coffee and beer. Even homemade mustard on the basis of beer. All products 100% natural. Świdnicka 4

    Jana Długosza 2
    (+48) 531 786 116

  • PURO CityGuide Wrocław Central Cafe
    Eat & Drink

    Central Cafe

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    Coffee, bagels, breakfasts - the spot to start your day.

    św. Antoniego 10
    (+48) 71 794 96 23

  • PURO CityGuide Wrocław Kontynuacja
    Eat & Drink


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    Beer Revolution in bloom! The largest multi-tap in Wroclaw, always vibrant.

    Ofiar Oświęcimskich 17
    (+48) 792 400 084

  • PURO CityGuide Wrocław Four Domes Pavillion
    Must see

    Four Domes Pavillion

    Open map

    Masterpieces of contemporary art in a building with a century of history. The object of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    Wystawowa 1
    (+48) 717 127 182

  • PURO CityGuide Wrocław Centennial Hall

    Centennial Hall

    Open map

    The pearl of modernism, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the place of the most significant events in the world.

    Wystawowa 1
    (+48) 71 347 50 47

  • PURO CityGuide Wrocław National Forum of Music

    National Forum of Music

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    Music lovers will be delighted with the acoustics of the concert hall and its wood imitating interior which resembles the inner side of a stringed instrument.

    plac Wolności 1
    (+48) 717 159 700

  • PURO CityGuide Wrocław Museum of Architecture

    Museum of Architecture

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    The only Museum of Architecture in Poland, situated in the former monastery.

    Bernardyńska 5
    (+48) 71 344 82 79

  • PURO CityGuide Wrocław The National Museum

    The National Museum

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    Ivy-covered building, which conceals valuable collections of the Silesian, Polish and European art.

    Plac Powstańców Warszawy 5
    (+48) 713 725 150

  • PURO CityGuide Wrocław Wrocław Contemporary Museum

    Wrocław Contemporary Museum

    Open map

    An art gallery inside the former protective aircraft shelter with an impressive view from the rooftop cafe.

    Plac Strzegomski 2
    (+48) 71 356 42 57

  • PURO CityGuide Wrocław Mieszczański Brewery

    Mieszczański Brewery

    Open map

    The cultural center in the brewery of the 19th century, a place of alternative theaters and music festivals.

    Hubska 44
    (+48) 71 367 70 48

  • PURO CityGuide Wrocław Bułka z Masłem

    Bułka z Masłem

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    Fairytale-like garden opened in the summer season. Delicious breakfasts and lunches throughout the year. Enjoy the second location at Plac Solny 14.

    Włodkowica 8a
    (+48) 664 716 766

  • PURO CityGuide Wrocław Tajne Komplety

    Tajne Komplety

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    A bookstore run with love, where you can work, have a cup of tea and play chess.

    Przejście Garncarskie 2
    (+48) 717 142 380

  • PURO CityGuide Wrocław NADO


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    The ceramics and glass studio selling unique crafts.

    pl. Św. Macieja 10
    (+48) 792 330 344

  • PURO CityGuide Wrocław CAMPO
    Eat & Drink

    Campo Modern Grill

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    A modern grill house with top quality Argentine steaks. On summer weekends, the breakfast here can’t be beat.

    Podwale 83
    (+48) 690 040 333

  • PURO CityGuide Wrocław Noriko
    Eat & Drink


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    Probably the best sushi in Poland. Served omakase-style – the chef chooses what you get. Marcin Jasiura of Noriko is a highly experienced sushi chef, and the feast he prepares for his guests is never less than an extraordinary experience.

    Kamienica „Pod Złotym Dębem” plac Wolności 7
    (+48) 510 339 210

  • PURO CityGuide Wrocław Iggy Pizza
    Eat & Drink

    Iggy Pizza

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    A Wrocław pizzeria serving Neapolitan-style pizza fired in a beech-wood oven. Apart from the pizzas, you can enjoy a summer spritzer or a classic Negroni, and top off your meal with ice cream poured with hot espresso.

    ul. Kuźnicza 10
    (+48) 506 608 818

  • PURO CityGuide Wrocław VaffaNapoli
    Eat & Drink


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    Another spot on the map of Wrocław that serves commendable pizza. A small family restaurant with authentic Italian dishes.

    Pawła Włodkowica 13

  • PURO CityGuide Wrocław Gniazdo
    Eat & Drink


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    Brilliant coffee from the best roasters, baked goods and lunches. The Gniazdo team has their finger on the pulse of the world of coffee, which means you can order anything from a nitro cold brew to a classic cappuccino.

    ul. Świdnicka 36
    (+48) 790 363 686

  • PURO CityGuide Wrocław Warsztat
    Eat & Drink


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    A restaurant in an old car workshop. The ideal spot for summer dining, with a charming garden maintained by the head chef and excellent cuisine.

    ul. Niedźwiedzia 5
    (+48) 693 509 989

  • PURO CityGuide Wrocław Nafta Neo Bistro
    Eat & Drink


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    A marvelous restaurant in a former kerosene factory. Astonishing combinations of flavors, a careful touch, and the finest ingredients. Reservations a must!

    ul Krakowska 180
    (+48) 450 050 180

  • PURO CityGuide Wrocław Przystań Tu
    Eat & Drink

    Przystań Tu

    Open map

    A new bistro in Wrocław’s Ołtaszyn district. A seasonal menu and intimate interiors, perfect for both an evening celebration and a casual lunch.

    Zwycięska 20a
    (+48) 795 349 777

  • PURO Cityguide Wroclaw Mood Scent Bar

    Mood Scent Bar

    Open map

    Mood Scent Bar is a niche perfumery created for lovers of the most beautiful fragrances.

    Włodkowica 19